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  • Reach 10 Million consumers on our  brand owned news network sites.

    Extend your reach to consumers across the web via our targeted display opportunities with Yahoo and our Ad Exchange, Ad Taxi Networks.

    Product Options Include:

    Behavioral Targeting | Display your message to your target audience based on their interests – wherever they are online at any given time.

    Channel Targeting | Align your message with content  that appeals to your target audience.

    Geo-targeting | Display your message in the geographic area that best aligns with your market footprint, from the county level to the DMA or even nationally.

    Demographic Targeting | Display your message to a specific audience or segment your message based on demographics.

    Techno-graphic Targeting | Segment your message based on viewing device (tablets, etc).

    Re-Targeting | Increase sell-through by re-targeting users who have previously visited your website.


    Display Ad Exchange

    Bay Area News Group’s ad exchange, Ad Taxi Networks,  reaches across multiple platforms to target audiences in any ZIP code or designated market area (DMA).

    Using Targeted Display Advertising, Search, Re-Targeting and Social Media, our Display Ad Network deploys best-in-breed technology and data to locate consumers wherever they are on the web, delivering your message through thousands of national and local websites.