Bay Area News Group’s Mobile Journalism Lab

MoJo | Mobile Journalism Media Lab

The Bay Area News Group’s Mobile Journalism Lab – dubbed the “MoJo” by staff – is fitted out to provide classroom-style seating for six students and two instructors and includes a pop-out tent, tables and chairs to provide additional space for media lab events. Outfitted with multiple WiFi hotspots to support up to 40 connected devices, the MoJo Lab’s Lenovo Thinkpads, iPads, smartphones, WiFi-enabled television – as well as the HD video camera and Xbox 360 – will provide media lab participants multiple ways to engage and interact.

“The MoJo Lab will compliment the Bay Area News Group’s efforts to connect and engage the many diverse communities that we serve. With our robust media labs located at The San Jose Mercury News and The Oakland Tribune, there remains a need to get further out into the community. The MoJo Lab will go where people live and work. In doing so, Bay Area News Group will be closer and more engaged with the communities we endeavor to serve,” said Martin G. Reynolds, BANG Senior Editor for Community Engagement and Digital First Media Western Region Engagement Editor.

BANG’s Mojo Lab will be used as a mobile classroom space to provide training on digital media, social media and more. It will also be used as a mobile newsroom by BANG’s newsgathering teams.

Digital First Media has launched more than 20 community media labs as well as two mobile media labs in St. Paul at The Pioneer Press and and in York, Pa. at the York Daily Record.