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Stand out in the crowd

92 % of the businesses in the Bay Area are locally owned small and medium businesses.


Standing out amongst the noise. Attracting customers in a busy world where advertising can get lost in hundreds of messages we all see every day.

Our advertising solutions are customized to fit your needs, and reach your customers in unique ways that stand out. Here’s how:

Establish credibility with consumers: Selecting Bay Area News Group products places your ads on trusted sources.

Generate action by consumers: Top quality, owned products, digital exchange and audience extension are just some of the ways we help you to reach your audience in a way that fits their behaviors and interests. A winning combination with proven results.

Consult and optimize your campaign with an advertising expert, not a product specialist.
Standing out in the crowd means positioning yourself above the competition.  We’re here to help. Bay Area News Group sales representatives combine years of field experience and successful advertising campaigns with weekly training from industry experts on marketing trends, product advancements, technology and more.

We’ve assembled and shared decades of experience and best-practices to create advertising experts in cross media advertising solutions that are here to help your marketing campaign, and your business succeed.