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  • 4 must-read reasons to plan a cross-channel marketing campaign now


    You make smart marketing decisions. You’re strategic, you’re calculated, and you track your results. So you love data that can support your plans, or guide you in making decisions. Well we happen to love sharing that kind of info with you! 4 (data-supported) reasons to plan a cross-channel Print & Digital campaign now: Mobile Influences […]

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  • Time to bid adieu to the pageview

    Bay Area News Group

    The Internet has been both a blessing and a curse for content marketers. The beauty of it is that it allows us to track nearly everything. The downside? Tracking everything requires us to ingest, digest and make sense of mass amounts of data. We have more answers today than we did a few years ago, […]

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  • Infographic: The 7 step SEO process

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  • Is your marketing message contagious?


    There have been a number of marketing best-sellers that look to explain the social phenomenon of popular culture. What makes some ideas spread and be remembered by millions, while others die away unnoticed by even loyal fans? First, it helps to understand what part “The Curse of Knowledge,” plays in your creating your message. Famously […]

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  • How small businesses can use customer data to build online audiences


    Back in my days as a print ad rep, I recall meeting with the owner of a small boutique in a charming downtown shopping district. After some initial conversation I learned that the store owner marketed to her homegrown customer email list which she built from her foot traffic. I congratulated her on that! This […]

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  • Is your business website ready for today’s consumers?


    As a small business, you probably have a nice little website. And that website was probably built a while ago. “Hmmm, when was that, 2003?” you may be thinking. And if that’s the case, it’s time for a heart-to-heart discussion about your small business website. I know, you love your site and it has everything […]

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  • Millennials still want their newspapers


    Well here’s a shocker. Data from Scarborough Research — which conducts more than 200,000 interviews throughout the country each year — show that 56% of people ages 18-34 read newspapers, in print or online, during the course of an average week. We’ve all heard that print is dead but newspaper content is alive and well online. The […]

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