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Join our community media labs and bay area blog network

The Bay Area News Group Community Media Labs provide a place for Bay Area residents to connect with Bay Area News Group reporters and editors, as well as each other. We are building the Bay Area Blog Network to showcase community and topic-based blogs in the region. Together, these initatives provide ways for Bay Area residents to participate in the journalistic process.

Our program launches first in Oakland and will allow participants to:

Listen. Engage. Learn. Share.
–With each other, with our news team, and with your community.

We will begin offering Community Media Lab courses in November, using space at the West Oakland Library. In early 2012, we’ll open a new downtown Oakland bureau that will provide additional facilities. We encourage local bloggers interested in joining our network to get in touch with us today.

What you have to do …
1. Have an active interest in your community
2. Be willing to dedicate time to sharing your expertise or reporting on the issues you feel are important.
3. Participate in community conversations in person or online.

What we will do …
1. Provide a place for meetings, as well as access to computers and free Wi-Fi.
2. Organize classes and other training sessions, or showcase your local blog.
3. Give you a larger audience and a stronger voice

If you are interested in being part of our Community Media Labs or our community blogger network, contact

The Oakland Tribune Media Lab
1970 Broadway, Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94612

The San Jose Mercury News Media Lab
750 Ridder Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95190

West Oakland Satellite Media Lab
West Oakland Public Library
1801 Adeline St.
Oakland, CA 94608
West Oakland hours:
By appointment only

The Community Media Lab is a partnership between our news media groups and the community.

“Now you can help shape the narrative of your city”
~Martin Reynolds, Senior editor of community engagement, Bay Area News Group

Community education courses offered by
Bay Area News Group

Course descriptions:

Facebook for Beginners
This is an introductory class and you don’t need a Facebook account to attend. But if you have an account, please bring your user name and password.

Smartphones 101
Attendees will learn what Smartphones are, why they might want one, what to look for when shopping for one, as well as an overview of some basic and popular applications and functionality.

Tablets 101
Which tablet is right for you? Or, learn more about the device you already have.

Blogging For Beginners
Learn about blogging platforms and what you should consider before taking the plunge.

How You Can Access Public Records
Learn rules for gaining access to court documents, discuss the Freedom of Information Act and how to fill out a public records request.

Email for current schedule.
For questions, contact Martin G. Reynolds, senior editor for community engagement, at or via Twitter @reynoldspost. You can also call 510-208-6433.

Join us!